“The Station Agent’s Wife, 1927” now in audio on Tales to Terrify

Another one of my stories gets new life breathed into it—listen now to the audio podcast production of “The Station Agent’s Wife, 1927” by our good friends at Tales to Terrify! My story is read by Danielle Hewitt, who also did a great job reading my other story “She Will Come to Brood” for Creepy.

This marks my fourth story that they’ve released. The “Apocalypse of Moses” (episode 462) started it all in December 2020, followed by “Drifting Into the Black” (ep. 486) in May the next year. Last September, they did “Animals” (ep. 556). They have a whole lot of scary stories by other fantastic writers, too, so after you’re done listening to “The Station Agent’s Wife,” don’t forget to browse the rest of their archive.

Welcome to episode 584. We have two tales for you this week. First, a man moves into a new community only to discover his neighbour is Dracula. But is the legendary vampire really as bad as his reputation? Then, a woman in 1920s Appalachia cares for her newborn while her husband works, but she soon discovers strange growths appearing around the house.

You can download/stream this episode and find more information on it at https://talestoterrify.com/episodes/584-arthur-davis-timothy-g-huguenin/. Find and review this podcast on your favorite platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

This story first appeared in Hinnom Magazine Issue 007, then was later reprinted online at The Dread Machine, where you can still read it for free as you listen, should you be so inclined.

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