selfpicredshed1Timothy G. Huguenin grew up in a small town in the Allegheny mountains of West Virginia. When he was not off exploring in the woods, he often locked himself in his room to read undisturbed. His love for the transporting power of fiction grew into a desire to create his own worlds and characters via the written page. He has a special love for the Appalachians–both the area and its people–and wishes to see more literature come out of these magical hills.

Some of Timothy’s favorite authors include George Orwell, Tom Morrisey, Ted Dekker, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, James Joyce, C. S. Lewis, and Joseph Heller. He loves to read and write in about any genre, although recently he tends to gravitate toward both Horror and Appalachian literature (and many times a combination of the two).

After a sojourn across the country, Timothy G. Huguenin is back home to West Virginia once again. He currently lives in Pocahontas County with his wife.