Listen now to “Animals” on Tales to Terrify

Tales to Terrify is coming at you again—this time, with my short story "Animals." Just released today, Episode 556 of the Tales to Terrify podcast will get you where you need to be, if where you need to be is creeped out and revolted. Might be a good one to listen to while you get dinner ready; just my suggestion. Or maybe sitting by yourself in the shed out back. Keep an eye out for rats.

A couple of my other stories have become Tales to Terrify episodes. In December 2020, they unveiled "The Apocalypse of Moses," which was followed by "Drifting Into the Black" in May 2021. They’ve got a huge library of free short horror fiction, so head on over and take a gander.

Welcome to episode 556. We have one tale for you this week, about a lonely woman who falls for the local butcher. Read by Josie Babin.

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