Listen now to “Drifting Into the Black” on Tales to Terrify

The folks at Tales to Terrify have done it again! My scifi horror short tale, "Drifting Into the Black", has been given new life in audio. Just released today, Episode 486 of the Tales to Terrify podcast is sure to meet your dark scifi/space survival horror/action/dread needs. Give it a listen on your way to work, or sitting at home alone in the dark.

This is a stellar podcast (get it?), as you already know if you were following them last December when they did "The Apocalypse of Moses" (click here if you missed that one). They’ve got a huge library of audio fiction, all for free, so there you go, you have plenty to keep you occupied now.

Welcome to Episode 486. This week we make one last stop in Ontario to meet a legendary monster hunter. For fiction, we have one tale about the survivors on a stranded spaceship, surrounded by unspeakable terrors, who make one final push for survival.

You can download/stream this episode and find more information on it at Find and review this podcast on your favorite platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Dark Horizons

For those of you who like to read along with storytellers (I know y’all are out there), head over to Amazon and snag yourself a copy of Dark Horizons: An Anthology of Dark Science Fiction, available both in trade paperback and Kindle formats.

Canal Town Book Festival

Don’t forget, tomorrow (Saturday) is the Canal Town Virtual Book Festival! Head to their Facebook Page to keep up with all that’s going on, including book giveaways and stuff

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