Unknowing, I Sink

a strange and horrifying novella by Timothy G. Huguenin

Julian finds a summer job cleaning a mansion belonging to Mr V, an eccentric recluse obsessed with arcane knowledge. The man’s grotesque, swollen appearance, caused by an unknown condition that keeps him bedridden, initially disturbs Julian. And those creepy terra cotta statues lurking in the shadows don’t help to ease his nerves. But the rich old man wants to pay him more than he ever imagined.

While Julian struggles to understand his new employer’s discursive monologues, a dreadful ache grows inside his chest. Where has this feeling come from? How is it that a statue’s blank stare can cloud his mind? And what bizarre and horrifying secrets will he discover when Mr V’s esoteric philosophies become manifest?

“Julian’s new employer has a ‘condition’… Unknowing, I Sink is a wonderfully strange and gripping novella, imbued with creeping dread and a strong sense of the grotesque. Highly recommended.”
— Matthew M. Bartlett, author of The Stay-Awake Men & Other Unstable Entities

“A chilling inferno of the strange and unsettling. Huguenin’s story quietly creeps while burrowing deep into your grey matter. . . . Small but mighty, this recent release from Independent Legions will blow your doors off. . . . Very relatable with a relentless storyline.”
— Brian James Lewis, Damaged Skull Writer & Reviewer

“One of the most literary horror books that I’ve picked up in the past year. . . . If you’re looking for creeping horror with a satisfying twist and excellent writing, pick up Unknowing, I Sink.”
— Daphne Strasert, HorrorAddicts.net

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