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Recently printed in issue #35 (May 2023) of CHM Magazine, “The Yellow Carousel” is now available on their website to read for free, to give folks a taste of the scrumptious fiction offered in their magazine:

Look, groceries are expensive now. I hear you. It ain’t the old days when you were flush with cash and would drop $3.99 or $10.99 for another magazine issue you’ve never read, sight unseen. CHM Magazine gets you, too. Every month they release a few stories from their previous issues as a sample on their website. I love that because it reminds me of all that free Chinese food I used to get in the mall food court. So go over to their free fiction archives and grab you one of those mouth-watering, toothpick-stabbed teriyaki chicken morsels. Or, in the case of my story… teriyaki venison? You’ll probably want to come back for more, and let’s face it, mall food court Chinese food never bankrupted anyone… Listen, I can only stretch this metaphor so far, but you get it, right? The TLDR is that if you don’t mind reading from a screen, “The Yellow Carousel” won’t set you back anything.

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