First draft DONE

Well, it’s official. The first draft of my fourth novel is D-O-N-E!

Clocking in at 88,503 words, it is the longest book I’ve ever written. I will have some work to do in revision, and will likely be paring that word count down, trimming the fat off the meat, as they say. Only problem is I like a bit of fat, so we’ll see how it works out lol. With it being so far over my goal of 80k, I am feeling pretty good about cutting it down and still staying over or very close to my goal. I won’t be able to say I think it’s much good until I take a break and then come back to work on it, but I will say I’m happy, at least, with its length.

Currently the working title is Order of Worms, and it is set in Elkins, WV. That’s all you’re gonna get out of me right now!

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