Macbook being worked on, but still trying to continue with life

Well, a quick update, since I’ve been pretty quiet lately here on WordPress (and if you’re a mailing list subscriber, you may notice that I’m a little late with my monthly update as well).
I’ve been pretty busy; last month I finished the first draft of my next novel, then the last couple weeks I’ve been going over the manuscript getting ready for the first rewrite. However, my Macbook has a rare but worrisome problem with the hinge of its display, so while it’s still under warranty it is at the shop in Jackson. But the tech there is out of town for a week so it’s going to be even longer before I get it back 🙁 Until then I can’t really work on rewriting my manuscript, even though I have a marked up version ready to type back up.
I’m using a computer at my “office,” a.k.a. the Sublette County Library, to write this. It’s rough and hard to get things done without my own computer but I figured it’s good to let you guys know what’s up. Unfortunately my mailing list subscribers will be updated later than normal because of this, too.
I just got back from the Boise Book Fest, which was super fun. I met lots of great writers and readers. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures, so just imagine how great it was! You can do it, I believe in you. Thanks to Priya for organizing this great event, and thanks to all the great writers I met and to the people who bought my book.
While I was editing my manuscript, I also got a rough draft of another short story done! Still letting it sit a bit before I go back to it for editing. It was a story that I had started months ago and felt like it wasn’t going anywhere. When I came back to it at the beginning of this month, somehow it all just kind of came together, and the end came to me pretty easily. That’s such a great feeling when that happens. The moral of the story here is that if your fiction is going nowhere, don’t toss it out! Maybe all it needs is for you to forget about it for a while and then come back to it with a fresh mind.
Mailing list subscribers, don’t lose hope! I’m going to try to get a new newsletter up as soon as possible! And thank you, my loyal blog followers; sorry that I’m not the greatest blogger. But I do what I can.
I’m really excited about my new novel. I have a great designer working on the cover, but I’m going to keep that a secret for a while. I will be looking for a few more beta readers soon, so if you are interested, click on the contact link and let me know! I can’t promise to let everyone who contacts me do this, since I am looking for certain kinds of readers, and I already have a good handful selected, but I could use one or two more. So give me some info about yourself and what you like to read and stuff and I would love to get back with you about whether or not you could help me in this way.
My apologies for being such a recluse when it comes to this social media stuff. I still love you guys. I’m just really not a great blogger or Facebooker. But I’m doing my best here. I’ll try to blog again more regularly when I get my computer back, and I promise that I’ll be getting that newsletter out soon.

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