read “The Station Agent’s Wife, 1927” for free on The Dread Machine

"The Station Agent’s Wife, 1927" is the strange story of a new mother living in Augustus Valley at the peak of its heyday as the mining capital of West Virginia. All things are looking up when her husband gets a new job with the C&O Railroad as the station agent. But we all know how fast things can go south in Augustus Valley. Soon she finds something terribly wrong with the house provided by the railroad.

This story originally appeared in Hinnom Magazine Issue 007 in 2018. Now you can read it for free on The Dread Machine, your new hub for all things dread-inducing. It’s a Christmas miracle!

You can also sign up for a free account and follow my profile there if you like. There’s a lot more going on there than just my little old reprinted short, too, so give it a look.

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3 thoughts on “read “The Station Agent’s Wife, 1927” for free on The Dread Machine

  1. Right on, dude! I’ll check it out this week. Almost done with the story I want to send to Dread Central. Congrats! What a great way to start the new year, getting published! “Unknowing, I Sink” still gives me the chills. You are on a roll, my friend!!!!

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