Wishing for more books (and more space for them)

Amazon is a nightmare if you’re trying to keep your book collection small in case you need to move soon (a “small” book collection in my case means a full bookshelf in my room, six large boxes full in storage, and other books scattered all over the house). I’ve recently been slowly trying to purge the ones I don’t really need to hold on to. Like today, I just made myself part with another boxful of books in order to feel a little more comfortable in the amount of packing I’ll need to do if I ever move out of this tiny apartment.
And then I find stuff like this:


For like, you know, when I have kids.


I’ve put off reading this classic because I want to have this one, the 50th Anniversary Edition. Is is that important? I guess it is to me. I’m a little weird like that.


William Gorman’s debut novel from Crystal Lake Publishing. Love that cover art!


I’m intrigued by the idea of steampunk literature. I just haven’t read any yet.

What to do, what to do? I’ll probably end up buying these eventually. Trying to be content for now. I really don’t have much room for more (not that I ever turn a book down if I find a good deal).

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