Updates: Book page and custom domain

If you guys haven’t noticed, I just added an item in the Menu that will link to a new page dedicated to my upcoming book, When the Watcher Shakes. Some of you may have been wondering for a while when I would spill the beans on what the book is called (or at least, what it’s called for right now), and what it is about (if you had been an email subscriber, you’d have already gotten a few hints on this). So here it is! As I have only just began working with the folks at Design for Writers, I don’t have a book cover image to show you, but you can bet it will be up there when it’s finished and I’m ready to reveal it! I will also have purchase links over there when the book is launched. Right now all that is on the page is the working title and a little bit of promotional copy that isn’t quite set in stone. Does it get you interested in reading? I’d be happy to hear any insights you have on that. Go on and check it out!
Another update to the website is now I have a custom domain name! If you don’t know what that means, now you can type in www.tghuguenin.com or even just tghuguenin.com, and it will all take you to the same place (that is, here!). However, don’t worry. If you are too accustomed to using tghuguenin.wordpress.com, that’ll still work. But now it looks a little more professional, and a little less to type (though you still have to spell my last name right, sorry about that).
That’s all for now! I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what you think!

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