Leaving for the Allegheny Trail; also, some pictures from this summer

I want to let everyone on here know that I will soon be away from the internet, for most of September. For our fifth wedding anniversary, Emily and I are using up all of her paid vacation days to attempt a thru-hike of the Allegheny Trail.
Not to be confused with the Appalachian Trail or the Great Allegheny Passage, the Allegheny Trail is a 300 mile hiking route that stretches from the PA border of West Virginia to the VA border. We plan to finish in three weeks. I will be bringing my phone primarily for emergencies, as well as a section where the trail isn’t finished that I might need to call someone nearby to drive us from one section to the other, unless we decide to walk the gap. I might turn my phone on in a non-emergency setting during our scheduled resupply days at certain towns, but if I do that, the most I’ll probably do online is delete junk emails and perhaps post on Instagram—but don’t hold your breath. If anyone comments, tweets at me, emails, or whatever, don’t expect a prompt reply. In fact, though we plan on getting back for the last week of September, my inbox will probably be so swamped (mostly with junk) that it will take me a while to get back to anyone who has tried to contact me. If you email and don’t hear back after the second week of October, try contacting me again (I might have lost your message in all the junk email I’m sure to get, and accidentally deleted it).
For more information on the trail Emily will be backpacking, peruse these websites:
Emily and I also went to the WV State Fair this summer and I got some cool pictures. Some of them are kinda creepy so I thought somebody out there might like them.


This one is my favorite. I waited a while for crowds to disperse so I could get a clear shot of this creepy blackface clown trash can. Why would anyone make this thing unless they are trying to creep kids out???

I love the lights of the carnival, and stuck around until dark primarily just to see it. A raptor specialist came to show off his birds. Owls are my favorite animals (and the novel I’m working on features a pretty creepy barn owl), so this was the highlight of my day. There was a tiger show, but it was so crowded (and I’m not a very tall person), that I missed most of it.
I’m excited but nervous about the trip. I’ve still been feeling some pain from an injury I got cross country skiing last winter. But most likely, a trip like this is now or never, so I bought myself a brace and have been wearing it for a couple days and it does seem to help. Pray for me and my leg, as we need to average fifteen-mile days to complete the trail in time.
Here are some parting pictures for you, of my chickens and the camp’s goats this summer:

Going “radio silent” (or internet silent, I guess?). Later.

WTWS Cover Reveal!

I am supremely delighted to announce that the cover to my upcoming novel, When the Watcher Shakes, is finally ready for you to see! (If you were an email subscriber, this will be old news to you, since I sent you a peek at it earlier this month).
I’m very happy with the work by Design for Writers. You guys should consider them if you ever need some work done for yourselves.
Without further ado, When the Watcher Shakes:
Eh? eh? Whatcha think?
The dedicated book page is now updated with the cover, too.
The launch is going to be here before we know it! Sign up for email updates so you don’t miss it!

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Updates: Book page and custom domain

If you guys haven’t noticed, I just added an item in the Menu that will link to a new page dedicated to my upcoming book, When the Watcher Shakes. Some of you may have been wondering for a while when I would spill the beans on what the book is called (or at least, what it’s called for right now), and what it is about (if you had been an email subscriber, you’d have already gotten a few hints on this). So here it is! As I have only just began working with the folks at Design for Writers, I don’t have a book cover image to show you, but you can bet it will be up there when it’s finished and I’m ready to reveal it! I will also have purchase links over there when the book is launched. Right now all that is on the page is the working title and a little bit of promotional copy that isn’t quite set in stone. Does it get you interested in reading? I’d be happy to hear any insights you have on that. Go on and check it out!
Another update to the website is now I have a custom domain name! If you don’t know what that means, now you can type in www.tghuguenin.com or even just tghuguenin.com, and it will all take you to the same place (that is, here!). However, don’t worry. If you are too accustomed to using tghuguenin.wordpress.com, that’ll still work. But now it looks a little more professional, and a little less to type (though you still have to spell my last name right, sorry about that).
That’s all for now! I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what you think!


Me, automation, and the WordPress phone app: the 3 of us don’t always get along. If you get notifications for my blog updates and you were fast, you probably got a look at a post that I meant to schedule to go live in a few days. Sorry about that. The link won’t work now but it will repost on the 15th, you can read it then. Sorry!

Mailing list up and running!

For those of you who want to have more insider access to my news, I’ve started a newsletter that will bring you updates straight to your inbox! I plan to send updates on my upcoming book progress, as well as info on other stories I may be writing or getting published soon.
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