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It’s time for another segment of Writer Resources! Last time, I told you about The (Submission) Grinder, a website that helps fiction authors find markets and keep track of their submissions. Since I love writing short stories, today I have another recommendation for the short story writers out there, specifically those who like to write in the horror and scifi/fantasy genres: The Horror Tree blog.
As much as I love The Grinder, there came a point where certain stories I’d submitted had been rejected by enough of their listed markets that I started running out of places to send those pieces. I would then search the web for websites or magazines that would publish short stories in my genre, who accepted stories of the length I had written, etc. This process is time consuming (especially with my ancient computer–crossing my fingers for a big tax return this year!) and sometimes pretty frustrating–there are a lot of dead websites out there, and it’s not always easy to sift through the markets that are actually hiring and the ones that have become dormant.
Within the last few months, I stumbled upon The Horror Tree, run by Stuart Conover, and he regularly posts markets he finds that are actively accepting submissions. It’s been a life saver. And when he posts a market that I like, and I submit to it, I’ll go over to The Grinder and report a new market for them, and they’ll add it to their database. I want to say a big thank you to Stuart over there; you do a bunch of work for me! How do you find so many and still have a life?
If you like to write short genre fiction, especially horror  (sometimes not even fiction–recently he reported a submissions call for a Gothic Betty Crocker Cookbook), I would definitely recommend you sign up for The Horror Tree mailing list (scroll to the bottom of the linked page and fill out the short form). You’ll receive regular updates to new calls for submissions throughout the week, plus a regular digest version that summarizes all the new updates, in case you missed one or accidentally deleted the email of one you had wanted to hang on to.
Connect with The Horror Tree!
Twitter: @horrortree
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/horrortree
Google+: http://plus.google.com/+Horrortrees

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