Happy Halloween! (Free Short Story Download)

Happy Halloween!


I’m pretty stoked about Halloween–especially since I get off work early enough that I think there will still be kids out getting candy. One of the main reasons I love the holiday so much is because I love sitting there and giving candy to kids. I just like to give people stuff (so much has been given to me). I even buy all my family’s Christmas presents 3-4 months before Christmas. I tell people it’s so that I’m not stressed out when the holiday gets closer–and I think that’s partly true–but mostly, I’m just really excited about buying the presents for them.

Speaking of gifts, I have something for you. Last June one of my short stories was published on Yellow Mama, an online horror story magazine. It was called “A Man’s Guitar” (you can still find it online in the site archives). I’ve put the story into eReader formats for ease of reading and would like to give it to you to download here for free.

“A Man’s Guitar” – MOBI (Kindle)
“A Man’s Guitar” – ePub (Nook and other popular eReaders)

If you like it, share it with a friend! And don’t forget to sign up for my email list, so you don’t miss out on anything else!


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