Join me and Todd Keisling for Story Hour tomorrow night

Back in 2020 (wasn’t that like, three months ago? or fifteen years ago?), Daniel Marcus and Laura Blackwell began Story Hour, a weekly live video of speculative fiction authors reading their own stories. Turns out stories are important and fun even after we’re no longer shut indoors all day, and the hosts been continuing their show ever since.

This Wednesday (uh—is that tomorrow already?) I’ll be teaming up with Todd Keisling, author of Devil’s Creek, Cold, Black, & Infinite, and my personal favorite The Final Reconciliation, to unleash unspeakable doom and madness upon Story Hour’s ill-fated listeners—er, bring comfort and entertainment to our friends…

The Story Hour hosts are riding that rad west coast vibe, so hit up the Story Hour website ( at 7:00 PST tomorrow night—that’s 10:00 p.m. eastern, way past my bedtime—that’s how much I love y’all! There will be a link on their home page to the Facebook Live and Zoom video feeds. If you miss it, or even if you don’t, they record all of these readings. Check out their growing archive of author readings on their Facebook page:

Stay up late with us tomorrow night! We’ll keep you awake

Listen to "The Unknown Thing" on Horror Tales Podcast

My short story “The Unknown Thing”, originally published in Beneath the Waves: Tales From the Deep by Things in the Well Publications, has been turned into an exciting podcast episode on Horror Tales Podcast. They were going release it on Halloween, but they just couldn’t wait any longer—so here it is! Click the icon below to see all the episodes, including mine (Episode 4).
Give the podcast a rating and review on iTunes if you have an account there, and it will help this new podcast reach more people.
Max Ablitzer does so much hard work in getting the best and most intriguing sound effects for the podcast and I love how it turned out. I think you will too.

Happy Early Halloween!