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I’m back into the agent querying game, trying to find representation for my current finished novel manuscript about a boy and his friends trying to protect their small town from a sinister hypnotist and his captive barn owl. QueryTracker.net has been super helpful to me during my search for the right agent for my book .
A couple years back, I wrote about using The Grinder for finding new short fiction markets and keeping track of submissions. QueryTracker functions very similarly to The Grinder, in that users can search the database and log queries, as well as see user-reported data for response rates and such. Some of the functionality requires a paid account, but fortunately for us starving artists, the main features are available with the free account. Therefore, I can only comment on the free features.
You can search for agents by genre, or you can search for a specific agency to see the agents who work there. Clicking on an agent’s name brings you to a page with information like the agent’s email address, links to their agency and/or their website/query guidelines. Some agents have more information on websites like Publisher’s Marketplace, Manuscript Wish List, Twitter, the Association of Authors’ Representatives, and such, and often QueryTracker will display that info, as well. You can add an agent to your Query List (or your Do Not Query List), and once you do that, you can track when you submit, receive rejections, full manuscript requests, etc.
If you can’t find an agent that you know exists, you can submit a request to add that agent to their database (similar to how The Grinder works, though in my experience so far, QueryTracker isn’t quite as quick as The Grinder in following through on those requests).
QueryTracker brings a much-needed organization to my queries. If you are looking for an agent for a book you’ve written, I highly encourage you to set up a free account and start searching for an agent and logging queries so that you find a good fit and don’t accidentally query the same agent twice.

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