Finally moved! Had a big scare with my computer, looks like there still may be some damage done but so far I haven’t lost any important files.
But still much to do to get settled in, like get internet set up, get vehicles registered, post office box, billing addresses changed…Will be trying to get a new post up and an email newsletter out once we get internet to our house! Until then, it may be hard to reach me. Glad to be back in West Virginia, though!

5 thoughts on “Whew!

    • turns out it had nothing to do with the move lol. i was messing around with Linux on a USB drive before the move and apparently it installed the Grub bootloader and i didn’t know it since i hadn’t restarted the computer until we were on the road. then the bootloader didn’t know what to do with sierra i guess, and it gave me a command prompt instead of my OS. somehow i stumbled on a way to get out of that, then the OS started, then i found out that i could repartition the hard drive and in doing so, it would recopy the proper boot sequence back onto the hard drive, and i didn’t have to lose any data! woohoo

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