Hello world…from my phone!

Should be sleeping, since I’m working tomorrow, but I can’t.

My wife (Emily) has been telling me that I need to start blogging, especially since I’m working on getting my book out by next year. So…here goes! I’ve wanted to blog, but stuck by that “I don’t have anything out yet, what can I say? Who will read it?” problem. But Tim Grahl says do it anyways. Maybe it’s better if only a few read this post…but in the future, maybe I will have followers that adore me and my groundbreaking works of literature! Lol. Am I allowed to say “lol” on a blog? I’m typing this from my smartphone, after all (so give me a break if I overlook some autocorrects).

So, surprise to you if you know me, sinxe (I meant “since,” but “sinxe” is cooler so I’m leaving it) I haven’t told all of my friends, but yes, I have abookcoming out, it still needs some work but I hope to have it on Amazon by spring 2016.

What else? Well, I am trying to pimp out a handful of short stories here and there to whomever might take them. Most recently I did have some flash fiction published by Deep South Magazine. It isn’t super prestigious but the website looks pretty sharp, not like some old GeoCities page posing as an ezine (anybody remember GeoCities? Anybody?).

What else will I blog about? Who knows? I guess maybe some updates on the book’s progress–maybe I’ll even tell you what it is about! Maybe. I have some ideas for the website, too, maybe put up some links that have been helpful to me as a struggling writer. Hopefully not quite as struggling for too much longer. And I love to recommend books to my friends, and I guess reviews and recommendations work well on these types of blogs, right? I suppose I’ll just figure it out as I go, like a first draft, except I can’t go back and rewrite everything. Hey, it’s all good though. I know I ain’t no Stephen King or Hugh Howey, but I am who God made me and we’ll see where this goes. If by some miracle you’ve stumbled on here, please, hit the contact button up there and let me know I’m not talking into empty cyberspace!

(anybody remember when they called it cyberspace? Anybody?)


Timothy G. Huguenin

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  1. That’s pretty much where I am with my blog. I have yet to publish anything, and sometimes I feel silly about the whole thing, as though I should keep myself locked up until I have a nice shiny book to show the world. To combat this, I’ve been putting up poems and flash fiction on my blog for people to read and so far people seem to like it. It’s mostly friends and family right now, but I am working to expand my audience all the time.
    Basically, I think a blog is a horrible idea for someone who doesn’t want to blog regularly, but for someone who wants to, it’s never too soon to start. I wish you all the best on your journey.

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