This Friday is the day that When the Watcher Shakes releases to Amazon in ebook and paperback! That’s less than 5 days! (I have trouble sometimes with countdowns–do you count the day you’re in or start from the next day?)dfw-tgh-wtws-cover-3d-nologoAnyways, remember to sign up for email updates so you don’t miss the release (you’ll also get a free preview of the book). Also, soon after the book hits the marketplace there will be a Goodreads giveaway. Two free signed copies will be up for grabs! I just have to figure out how to work the Goodreads giveaway website. Shouldn’t be too hard.
Get pumped!

Writer Resources: Design for Writers

As I wrap up all my loose ends before I’m ready to publish When the Watcher Shakes, I want to keep featuring some of the great people with whom I’ve had the privilege to work and who helped me get my book all spruced up and ready for the world. If you missed the last post on David Gatewood’s editing services, and you are thinking about self-publishing, hit that one up after reading this!
Today I want to send some props and kudos and warm fuzzies to Rebecca and Andrew at Design for Writers! At the moment of this writing, their website is still under maintenance. I think they’re planning to get that website up and running very soon, too–perhaps even before this blog post is scheduled to go live. So go ahead and click on that link, just to be sure. And if it’s still not ready, and you’re looking for a great deal on an exceptional cover designer, leave your email address for them to get in contact with you. You can see some examples of their work over at their Facebook page. I almost passed on them because there wasn’t a working website, but I left them my email anyways, and after talking to them and looking at their portfolio, I decided to hire them. I’m very glad I did!
They are top notch folks. Professional and thorough, I always got the feeling that they were trying everything in their power to make sure we ended up with a cover that satisfied me, fully captured the mood and idea in the story, and had appeal and was intriguing to potential buyers. I think they were successful on all accounts, too. We communicated well together, and the process was actually way more enjoyable and exciting than I could have imagined. The whole time, I felt like I we were all on a team together. They also were one of the most reasonably priced designers out there, especially for the quality they produce. Please go to their Facebook page to check out their portfolio, but before you do, why don’t we take another look at the cover they made for my upcoming book 🙂
Gorgeous, right? I recommend these guys to anyone who is looking for a quality cover designer who is easy to work with and won’t cost you your entire publishing budget. Worth every penny and then some.

Writer Resources: David Gatewood

The term self-publishing is somewhat misleading. The name on the front of the book is not the only person who had a hand in getting that book to the point where it was ready to be sold. When I decided to go this route, I decided that even if I didn’t make much money, I was going to make something that I would be proud of, something professional and as free from defect as possible. To do this, I was going to have to invest in my book by outsourcing some services. The biggest expense, but probably the most important of these, was copyediting.
Copyediting (a.k.a. line editing) is more than just proofreading. A good copyeditor goes through your manuscript looking for ways to improve the flow and style as well as fixing grammar, spelling, and typographical mistakes. I knew it would be a big expense, but I knew that I needed another set of professionally trained eyes on this thing.
Enter David Gatewood, freelance editor. I was first pointed his way by bestselling self-published author/guru Hugh Howey’s old website. Hugh Howey used to have a little “author’s toolbox” feature on his website that shared a lot of the great people he would hire for his books. He’s since revamped his website/blog, and while he still posts a lot of helpful information on there, I can’t find for the life of me find that author toolbox link anywhere. Fortunately for me, when I first started looking into editors and such, I saw David Gatewood’s name in there and wrote it down in my notes.
Gatewood was a pleasure to work with. He is professional while still being down-to-earth and friendly. Both of these things are extremely important to me. On the one hand, you  need someone who takes the job seriously and won’t worry about hurting your feelings when something needs changing. On the other hand, you want someone who sees the value in your story, and isn’t negative or condescending when suggesting a correction, because you want to feel like the editor is on your side, trying to improve your work, not trying to mock it. David is awesome to work with.
Some of you writers might think that something like this is too expensive, that you’ll just do it on your own. After all, you’re a writer, which means there’s probably a good chance you’re good at using the English language. And if not, you probably have a grammar Nazi friend to whom you could send your manuscript for a look-over. Listen, I consider myself about as grammar police as they come, but David really knows his stuff, and I really needed an objective set of eyes on this thing. I couldn’t believe how much of my writing needed correction. He really helped a lot of places where my writing was weak, and he caught all sorts of mistakes that I made–and I swear I read this manuscript until my eyes were bleeding! And so did my wife! So please, if you are serious about self-publishing, I implore you to hire a copyeditor. And if you’re going to do that, I don’t think you can do much better than David Gatewood.
Visit David Gatewood’s website: http://lonetrout.com/

WTWS Cover Reveal!

I am supremely delighted to announce that the cover to my upcoming novel, When the Watcher Shakes, is finally ready for you to see! (If you were an email subscriber, this will be old news to you, since I sent you a peek at it earlier this month).
I’m very happy with the work by Design for Writers. You guys should consider them if you ever need some work done for yourselves.
Without further ado, When the Watcher Shakes:
Eh? eh? Whatcha think?
The dedicated book page is now updated with the cover, too.
The launch is going to be here before we know it! Sign up for email updates so you don’t miss it!

Visit Design for Writers’s website
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Hard decisions on cover art

I got the cover concepts from my graphic designer recently, and they’re all so good it’s giving me a really tough time figuring out which way to move froward. I think I’m pretty close to a decision but it’s close. It will still be a while before I’m able to show you anything, but just know I’m pretty excited.
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February is a great, expensive month, and Stephen King is still alive

February is home to one of my favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day. It’s also the month in which houses my wife’s birthday. So I’ll be spending more money this month than usual. But that’s okay, because she usually shares the chocolate I buy her.
I would be remiss (not amiss, thank you Google!) if I didn’t mention that February is also Black History Month. I’m not extremely well-read on the subject, but I do want to take this opportunity to shout out about The Color of Water, an inspiring and incredible memoir by James McBride.
In other February news:
I’m looking forward to begin communication with the graphic designer that will be working on my book’s cover. I booked Design for Writers a little while back, and they said I should be contacted sometime around the beginning of February to begin the work. Pretty psyched about that.
Also, I have an editor (David Gatewood) scheduled to take my manuscript later this month! He’s one of the best out there, and I look forward to working with him.
So, good things happening this month! Hey, any advice for good birthday and/or Valentine’s Day presents, I’m all ears; I haven’t decided what I’m getting Emily yet.
I know this is not the greatest of blog posts; I was just kind of checking in to let everyone know I’m still here. Apparently there was a rumor circulating a few days ago that Stephen King had died, but he (or probably one of his PR people) logged onto his blog to dispel that rumor and reassure all of his fans. Of course, if had been true, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he continued to write bestsellers from beyond the grave. I mean, this happens all the time, right? Or am I misunderstanding the term ghostwriter?