Mark your calendars for July 15!

Hello! A quick note to let everyone know I finally have an official launch date!

dfw-tgh-wtws-cover-3d-nologoOn July 15th I will officially release my first novel, When the Watcher Shakes, on Amazon. I can’t wait to share this story with you all; I hope you like it. To stay updated on my writing and publishing progress, click here.



Hard decisions on cover art

I got the cover concepts from my graphic designer recently, and they’re all so good it’s giving me a really tough time figuring out which way to move froward. I think I’m pretty close to a decision but it’s close. It will still be a while before I’m able to show you anything, but just know I’m pretty excited.

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Writer Resources: The Author Hangout Podcast

I love to read, but when it comes to how-to, news, or other non-fiction information, podcasts are my jam. You can listen to them on the way to work, while you’re eating breakfast, while you’re washing the dishes, cooking–I could go on. It’s just about the most convenient way for me to absorb current, interesting, helpful information in a way that fits better into my schedule. I could do a whole blog post about how much I love to listen to podcasts and which ones I think you should check out, and because my interests are so diverse, most of them wouldn’t be related to writing or publishing at all.

But this one is.

In fact, the podcast I want to tell you about today is probably the single greatest influence on my journey to self-publishing. Continue reading